‘Singaporeans Against Poverty’ is a campaign that aims to raise awareness about poverty in Singapore. It springs from our concern for those in Singapore caught in the cycle of poverty despite our economic success. Caritas Singapore and a coalition of partners decided to say let’s move out of our comfort zone to find out more about poverty. This journey started about two years ago. What we have learnt is incredibly sobering, but also very hopeful. Because when Singaporeans encounter issues on the ground, many show that they care. Too many of us still live in our cocoons. We invite you to come out and join us on this mission. Be surprised at what you don’t know. And be inspired to act and make a difference.

Mission Statement

We respect the dignity of every person.

We stand for justice and equality for people in poverty.

We believe that all people have equal rights to education, work, a decent standard of living, as well as personal and social development.

We don’t think that poverty is a given and that people are poor because they deserve it
but because of a combination of local and global developments, including policies that are beyond their control.

We celebrate our common humanity by taking collective ownership and responsibility for poverty.

And we will partner and journey with the poor with hope, empathy and humility.



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