BMZ challenge

What is the BMZ challenge?

BMZ stands for ‘beyond my (comfort) zone.’ Talking to someone new can be awkward. But having a decent conversation with strangers is probably beyond my comfort zone for many of us.

Strangers whose take home pay is often $1,000 or less per month. Strangers who are as much part of our Singapore community as you and me – cleaners, security guards, food stall assistants, etc. But maybe you are already on nodding acquaintance with some of these strangers. Or even on talking terms with one or two.

But do you know how they manage on such wages? Do you wonder how many mouths they feed with such wages? What their working conditions are like? What they think about life in Singapore? What do they hope for?
If you know, that’s great. But if you don’t, you can move from wondering to finding out. Either way, you can share what you know or find out by taking the BMZ challenge.



Okay, I’m ready! How do I take this on?

Here’s how:

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  • step 2live it
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